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Notice and Privacy Policy 

This Rights and Responsibilities Notice and, not limited to, Privacy Policy originates from Alloalts Vitamin’s (, Alloalts Vitamin, Alloalts Vitamins LLC.) Principles and Practices, and governs our relationship with all Users, Members, and Others who interact with Alloalts Vitamins. Be advised that by using or accessing Alloalts Vitamins, and/or, you agree and have agreed to this Statement.
Please be assured that one of Alloalts Vitamin’s top priorities is to be as diligent as we can possibly be as well as be fully committed to the protection of your privacy. Because your privacy is just as important to us as it is to you, we have composed, structured, and implemented our Privacy Policy into the Site so as to make important disclosures about your safety to you in regards to how you use Alloalts Vitamins while sharing with others and as to how “we” collect and use your content and information. This “Notice” and Privacy Policy is intended to fully describe, inform, and explain how your personal information is processed and used, and we will strive to make every effort possible to ensure that our practices and procedures keep within the dictates and nature of this Privacy Policy. We strongly encourage you to read both the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy so as to help you make safe, smart, and well informed decisions before and during your use of the site. Please note that by visiting and using you are fully accepting and agreeing to the practices, procedures, and policies described in this Privacy Policy.
What information does Alloalts Vitamins collect?
When you visit and enter Alloalts Vitamins, we collect your browser type and IP address. Every computer connected to the Internet is provided with a domain name (e.g. and an IP Address (e.g. When a visitor requests a page from within the website, our Web Servers automatically identify and log the HTTP request that is made to our Web Server. This information reveals nothing personal about you. In fact, the only information that we automatically gather and log is as follows:
·         The IP Address of the Site that may have referred you.
·         Your IP Address
·         The Web Page that you may have linked to us from, if any.
·         The Product Identifier for Version and Make of Browser (e.g. Internet Explorer 9.0)
·         The Operating System platform that you may be running (e.g. Macintosh or Windows)
·         Search Words or Terms that are passed from a Search Engine (e.g. Google, Yahoo, or Bing)
There is absolutely nothing special about the information just described, and the practice of collecting this data has been generally standardized by virtually every Web Server on the Internet today. This information is gathered from all Alloalts Vitamins visitors. In addition, we store certain information from your browser using "cookies."
What is a cookie?
A cookie is a small piece of data file that we transfer to your computer's hard disk for record-keeping purposes in regards to the user. We use cookies for two purposes. First, we utilize persistent cookies to confirm the user is logged in and saving the users registration ID and login password for future logins to the Site. This is standard practice with these cookies. Second, we utilize session ID to assist with orders.